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Winter Upgrades

Having installed a fresh engine at the start of 2020,  and had 5 very successful events last year, there was no major work to do in the winter, other than replace older items to ensure reliability for the upcoming season. New fuel pump, filter and most sensors were replaced. A shock absorber that was weeping was serviced , a new starter motor was needed and the car set up for testing on the 4th April 21.

Testing - 4 April

Date 4th April 21 - Car ran very well at a cold sunny Blyton Park. A mid test gearbox software remote from the SBD factory made a significant difference to the gear changes both up and down, and tuition from Alan Muggleston on a few corners also seemed to help.

Curborough Sprint - 11 April - FTD!

Snow lay on the ground at the start of the meeting, but the sun came out and a dry beautiful day gave conditions that allowed a time of 29.72 and to take FTD (Fastest Time of day) and win the meeting. Good 2021 start!

Goodwood - 17 April - FTD again!!

An investigative visit the day before to MBR to check the gearbox led to some differential preload adjustment as was loose. Then onto Worthing as no camping is allowed at the Goodwood circuit. 5.45 alarm and then all went well and amazingly against the SBD Goodwood experts I managed to snick a time in 0.06secs faster and took FTD again plus a new PB by over 2 seconds. 150mph top speed and an average lap speed of 114mph! Onboard video link can be viewed by clicking on sunrise or paddock picture.


Blyton Park - 15&16 May - FTD, FTD!!

Well I didn't expect a round to go that well - especially as it was dry all weekend. I managed to win the top 12 run offs ( now 2 scoring runs/day) on both days, so am currently leading the British Sprint Championship! Good battles with the class above me, but came out on top by a few hundredths and a few tenths!


Pembrey 5/6th June

Damp qualy run but kept it on the track to take a 2nd place in the run off behind Matt Hillam and ahead of Steve Broughton & john Graham. Run off 2 was in the drizzle an by 0.6 I took the top spot for 25 points. Sunday saw the SBD competition retire with the 3.5litre V8 of John being the main opposition now. Was run on a different track resulted in two more run off wins and a 2 litre record. So still leading the British Championship at this stage with 200 points!


Snetterton 26/27th June

4 more run offs and 5 more powerful race cars as well as my 2 litre floor class mates. Pleased to report a 3rd and 3 second places, but Matt Hillam, shown left in the foreground, is closing in on my points tally!

Llandow 10th July - FTD

Last time at llandow I crashed heavily, so I wanted to get a clean run. I went testing the afternoon before hand which was useful, and on the day of competition it was raining but we decided to swap the wets back to slicks, only took one run in the end and set a new PB and took the meeting win. Also found 2 bolts sheared, hence the one run only!


Pembrey - FTD

Despite a good qualifying run that set FTD, I caught a car up on my first run off that affected my rerun as I was way too hot and the tyres had gone. 7th and 3rd from the day will probably be dropped scores.

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2021 results and event summaries

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photo by Kim Broughton